EU Water Innovation Conference 2019. Zaragoza. 



The EU Water Innovation Conference 2019 (EUWIC) will be held on December 12, in Zaragoza, Spain. It will carry the theme:

"Accelerating action to tackle water pollution and enhance EU preparedness to water-related climate change impacts

And we look forward to share our experience with the meeting:



Two of the biggest irrigation areas in Spain are located in Aragon, ‘Riegos del Altoaragón’, and ‘Comunidad General de Regantes del Canal de Bardenas’, with more than 100,000 irrigated hectares in each region


Management of irrigation schemes are threatened by climate change in the middle and long term according to one of the most detailed scientific reports (at the national level) that was carried out by CEDEX called ‘The Evaluation of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources, and Droughts in Spain (2015) ”.


We have developed projects in the areas stated above in order to tackle the impact of climate change on irrigation efficiency using specific sensors and new technologies.


The first project ‘EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT OF IRRIGATION THROUGH MONITORING USING MOISTURE SENSORS, AND REMOTE SENSORS’ aims to answer the question ‘how much, and when to irrigate?’ by using tools such as humidity sensors, and remote sensing by taking advantage of new technologies.


The second project ‘IMPLEMENTATION OF A MODEL OF INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF WATER RESOURCES IN IRRIGATION COMMUNITIES’ aims to build a model ‘INTEGRA2’ as a concept of integral management of the ‘Riegos del Altoaragón  Organization’, and the information will be generated in the ‘business intelligence (BI)’. It will use the current software used for the management, and it will also share the information with other kinds of data such as the NDVI index calculated from remote sensing through the sentinel2 network. (Copernicus Land Monitoring Service).


If you are interested in joining the meeting or in more information about the projects please contact Jesús Ollés Grúas  or visit the project websites: (Spanish)





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